In the ancient Egypt, the first archeologist evidence of the mashing of the grapes with the intention of extracting wine can be observed in the representations of the reign of Udimu (3000 b.c.). In the ancient Egypt beer was more popular than wine. The first elaborated wines with the semi-wild varieties of grapes were red and they produced with them red wine, but the Egypt had the possibility of growing a mutated variety that permitted the elaboration of white wines. They fermented the wort in big clay vessels that were open on the upper part; after they filled them up they sealed them with a lid made out of the same material. One of the first wines of the Egypt that was used in the religious ceremonies was called shedeh and it was known of two ways to obtain it: from pomegranate or grape juice. The Egyptians that lived near the Delta celebrated every year, with the new moon, the day of “ she returns”. Herodolo mentions that more wine was drunk that day than the rest of the year. Another similar festival was celebrated with the full moon.