Who are we

After an arduous time locating, selecting and tasting, with some of the best Sommeliers of the gastronomic panorama, We are deeply pleased to present our singular entrepreneurial project wich promotes and put together the efforts and excellent work of a very exclusive community of vine and olive growers who have revolutionized the wine production by investing in R&D and applying new techniques to the traditional ways, previously left aside by more commercial practice. This new vision has often sacrificed commercial branding success in order to preserve the highest quality and exclusivity of their products. From Divinity Wines we stand for them and for all our clients.

The members of the society have experience in the world of restaurant and catering business and of wines.

One of its components developed his studies in the restaurant and catering business and  sommelier  in the best and most prestigious school of Europe, the “ Ter Duinen” in Belgium, specializing in “ gastronomy of the world “ . He has maintained during many years, a close relation with French wines. He discovered the vast and rich world of the Spanish wines and  has been working with them over the past 15 years. Other of the members has a large experience in marketing and brand management in the restaurant and catering business en the haute gastronomy.

The “know how” of each in the nooks and crannies of the universe of the wine is highly demonstrated.